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Welcome to the Lachlan Partners Group

Lachlan Partners joins SFG Australia

We are proud to announce that Lachlan Partners is now part of the SFG Australia Group. Lachlan Partners will be operating as its own business unit of SFG Australia. Our Partners and staff continue to service our clients as always and still under the Lachlan Partners brand. We are looking forward to leveraging the SFG Australia Group in whatever way we can to benefit our clients.

At Lachlan Partners everything connects.

You can see it in our brand mark. You can see it in the relationships we've established with generations of clients. You can see it in the way our services have been designed to work in harmony with each other.

As one of Australia's most trusted and reputable private advisory service offering, Lachlan Partners services have been created with pure financial synergy in mind. It enables us to look at the bigger picture of your overall needs and provide one powerful integrated solution. We offer the kind of solution that comes with the outstanding level of personal service that you expect from a more intimate financial establishment like Lachlan Partners.

We operate on a fee for service basis and the advice we offer is always tailored to your specific needs. Our sole purpose is to help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

At Lachlan Partners, you'll be dealing with professionals who have a proven track record. They are committed to building meaningful, long-term relationships with you and are passionate about making your financial master plan connect perfectly. We help you get the most out of life.

Our intellectual capital and approach to building meaningful client relationships means our clients are in very good hands...

Lachlan Partners is the proud owner and publisher of Australia’s leading investment and wealth management newsletter “The Investing Times”.

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