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Our Story

Lachlan Partners has been operating in the current form since 1st July 2008.

Lachlan Partners traces its origins back to 1925 as a result of a number of very successful, experienced and complementary businesses that have merged into the one firm.

Those businesses include the likes of Smith, Peacock and Henshaw; Rost & Kitchener; dbc Associates; Collins House; Peloton Private Clients and Investstone Wealth Management.

Investstone Wealth Management was formerly know as Donnelly Money Management. Austin Donnelly was one of the founders of wealth management in Australia and his intellectual property including the successful use of the Zone System is the property of Lachlan Partners.

Key to the success of these mergers is a shared commitment to respect, professionalism, accountability, enjoyment and passion, the Lachlan Partners’ values. The combined group delivers an integrated and comprehensive offering to our clients. These offerings are provided by a team of highly qualified advisors and consultants working from offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.